Grønlands kryssingen: Eirikson goggles står testen for Forsvaret på ski - Specula

The Greenland crossing: Eirikson goggles stand the test for the Norwegian Armed Forces on skis

Crossing Greenland is an incredibly challenging task, but when Norwegian defense soldiers decided to take on this formidably demanding task, they knew their equipment had to be of the highest quality. A crucial part of this equipment was the Eirikson, specially developed for extreme conditions and ski goggles that made changing lenses easy thanks to the magnets that held them in place. Let's explore how these sunglasses met the challenge on the tough expedition across Greenland.

Eirikson: Ski goggles for extreme conditions

The Eirikson sunglasses, developed by Specula Norwegian Sunglasses, were chosen as the preferred eye protection equipment for the expedition. Specially designed for extreme conditions, these ski goggles combine clarity, protection and durability with an innovative solution for easy lens replacement thanks to the magnets that held them in place.

Clarity in the white landscape

In Greenland, the eyes are exposed to intense sunlight reflected by the white landscape. Eirikson sunglasses, equipped with photochromic technology, adapt to rapidly changing light conditions. This gave the soldiers clear vision and protection from harmful UV rays, even when moving from bright sunlight to shadowy areas. The photochromatic lens was an essential feature that made it possible to adapt to changing light conditions in the winter landscape.

Protection against the elements and easy lens replacement

The expedition across Greenland also involved encountering strong winds, blizzards and extreme cold. Eirikson protected the eyes from dust and snow, and their robust construction stood up to the harshest weather conditions. But what really stood out was the possibility of easy lens change. The magnets holding the lens in place allowed the soldiers to adapt to changing light conditions and switch to a different lens when necessary, all without having to take off their sunglasses in the bitterly cold temperatures.

The soldiers' experiences with Eirikson

During the expedition, Eirikson became an invaluable part of the soldiers' equipment. They reported outstanding clarity, comfort and durability throughout the ride. Photochromic technology and easy lens change function proved particularly useful when navigating the demanding conditions in Greenland.

A success story for Eirikson

The expedition across Greenland was a success, and the Eirikson sunglasses strengthened their reputation as the ultimate protection against the most extreme conditions. Specula is proud to have been part of this expedition and continues to commit to developing eyewear that can withstand the most challenging conditions. Eirikson represents the perfect combination of clarity, protection and practical functionality that is essential for adventures in extreme winter environments.