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Jonas Irmer | From Oslo to Marka | Ultra runner

Meet Jonas Irmer: Passionate ultra runner and Specula ambassador

In our new series of interviews, Specula wants to explore the world of running from all possible angles. We talk to everyone from professional athletes to hobbyists and beginners to learn more about their passion for running and adventure. First up is Jonas Irmer, a 31-year-old ultra runner from Fredrikstad who currently lives in Oslo. Jonas recently impressed us with his 10th place in Ecotrail Oslo's 80 km race, and earlier he secured 2nd place in the first edition of Ecotrail Copenhagen's 80 km race.

Favorite trip on the trail: From Oslo to Marka

When we asked Jonas about his favorite trail ride, he took us back to his home in Oslo. "Since I live in Oslo," Jonas began, "I think it's very unique to be able to put on my running shoes and start the trip from home and out of the city and up to the fields. Oslo has so many trails! If I had to single out a favorite I have to say that one of my favorite trips is probably running along the blue trail towards Sinober Sports Hall for a hot cup of coffee, an ice-cold soft drink and a fresh bun." There is something special about being able to combine the energy of city life with the scenic beauty of the countryside.

Great race challenges and mastery

When it comes to challenges, Jonas mentioned his first ultra race in 2018 as one of the most demanding moments. "It was a brutal encounter with the ultra circus," he shared. "I had probably spent more hours in the gym than in my running shoes, and I had to pay the price for that. But I finished, and it was a feeling of mastery I had never known before." Jonas also singled out the Hardangerjøkulen Ultra in 2019, his first and so far only 100km race, as another significant challenge that he mastered with the help of a friend who introduced him to ultra running.

Important advice for cross-country running

For those considering trail running, Jonas shared some valuable advice:

  • Start calmly and increase gradually: Jonas recommends starting training calmly and gradually increasing the amount of running on trails. Cross-country running puts more stress on the body than running on flat ground.

  • Be observant on the trail: Cross-country running requires extra attention to the terrain to avoid injuries. Jonas stressed the importance of paying attention to the path.

  • The right equipment: Finding the right running shoe that fits you is essential. Jonas also recommended carrying the necessary equipment on longer trips, including food, drink, change of clothes, first aid kit, GPS watch, lantern, and sunglasses such as Specula Roald with photochromic lens to adapt to changing light conditions.

Favorite equipment for training and running

When it comes to favorite equipment for training and running, Jonas mentioned some key components:

  • Running shoes: He prefers the Hoka One One pair of shoes, the Speedgoat for longer training rides and the Tecton X for shorter rides and runs.

  • Bag with necessities: Jonas uses the Salomon Adv Skin 12 bag to be able to carry everything he needs on longer trips.

  • Protection and clarity: Jonas appreciates the Specula Roald with photochromic lens, especially for their ability to adapt to changing light conditions on a training ride in the field.

Dreams and goals in running

Jonas also shared some of his dreams and goals in running. He described his dream race as "a race where everything goes smoothly." He wants to experience a race situation where everything works, from nutrition and legs to mental