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Ingstad Kids Black Blue Polarized

499,00 kr
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Explore the world with confidence and clarity with Specula's Ingstad sunglasses, a perfect combination of functionality and durability.

Technological Features:

Flexible Frames: Ingstad sunglasses have bendable frames made from a flexible composite material. This feature not only provides extra comfort, but also ensures that the glasses withstand everyday challenges.

Practical Removable Rods: The rods at Ingstad click off and do not break. This makes them easy to adapt to your lifestyle and gives you the ability to change your look without worry.

Solid Construction: Designed to withstand the strain of an active life, Ingstad is a solid and strong sunglass that provides reliable protection while maintaining a modern look.

Polarized Glass: The glasses are equipped with high-quality polarized glass, which not only provides clear vision, but also reduces blinding reflections. This makes them ideal for all outdoor activities.

Style and Strength Gathered in Ingstad:

Ingstad sunglasses are not just an accessory; they are your partner for adventure. Whether you're exploring the city streets or venturing into nature, Ingstad is designed to give you a clear visual experience combined with solid and reliable performance.

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