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Thor Black Blue

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Explore your sporting challenges with Specula's THOR sports and ski goggles – a combination of extraordinary performance and superior comfort.

Technological Features:

Ultralight and tight-fitting design: THOR is constructed with an ultralight frame that gives you the comfort you need during the most demanding sports activities. The snug fit ensures stability in every movement.

2-in-1 Sports sunglasses and Ski goggles: THOR works just as well as sports sunglasses as it does on the ski trip. The flexibility allows you to adapt the glasses to your activity.

Polycarbonate Gray Lens with Full Blue Revo Coating: The polycarbonate gray lens, equipped with Full Blue Revo coating, provides a VLT of 16% (category S2), ideal for varying light conditions.

Flexible Frames: Bendable frames, made of a flexible composite material, give you both durability and comfort.

Adjustable Nose Guard: The TR90 Grilamid frame has anti-slip rubber and an adjustable nose guard to ensure an optimal fit.

Easy Lens Exchange: THOR comes with the ability to change lenses, and extra lenses are included so you can adapt to different lighting conditions.

Everything You Need, Including:

THOR sports and ski goggles come with everything you need to get through various activities:

  • Optical Effort
  • Sports sunglasses
  • Strap (for use as glasses)
  • Innerfoam Frame
  • EVA box

Explore the world with clear vision, no matter what nature throws at you, with THOR sports and ski goggles from Specula .

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